Čtení pro Tebe ,, A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Audio kapitoly 42.

Čteno před chvílí ve Studiu Midian, technické problémy na začátku, nevypnutý telefon narušil nahrávání a po šesté už jsem neměl sílu číst a neudělat chybu. Musím vyřešit odstínění, jenže právě na telefonu jsou virtuální nástroje.


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Forty-Two.

Dark shadow in a checkered wolfhound.

Where are we?
Border fortresses with palisade walls and watchtowers on which stripes and stars flutter in the colorful wind. The loud trumpeting of geese echoed through the sky.
Cells grown in petri dishes, delicious sauces of forty-seven kinds of spices.
When he closed his eyes, it all came back to him.
He doesn’t think of a man who lives a family life who plows or owns a business. He has a thinking nomad.
The helicopter soon emerges from behind a rocky slope and floats in the air with a deafening roar, no more than a few meters above the forest.
It flies to the settlement of Aligina. He turns over the settlement and heads straight for the research center.
Below, they grumble crowds of cannibals. But their voices don’t sound very convincing.

During my stay in the mountains, I have seen many things, not a quarter of the human body yet. For a moment I even wanted to intervene, but I overcame my weakness. And it was worth it. I saw men share meat and women share guts with children. Liver. Kidneys. None of the men touched them. And then came the surprise.

Astronaut Peters turns on artificial gravity generators.
The long-used software keys thundered with the scent of Brazilian plantations, and the Moon came out and looked like a dark olive. Where’s Perry Mason.

-You take it as a matter of morality.-Mc Doohan called bitterly for Miss Rose.
Maybe it’s all a matter of morality.
Practical method of watering vegetables.

-Sure. And listen! Listen! –
Somewhere outside, battle raged and waves of radiation began to strike thousands of bars. Crazy adventures in the world of drunks and champagne vans.

Women will threaten them, touch them and call- Wizards! Vampires! –
There is no doubt that blood sampling is a real test of patience and courage.
And that’s Alpha and Omega.

End of chapter forty-two


Crowleyho Tarot říká ,,Velekněz“

Crowley - 5 - veleknez


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