Čtení pro Tebe : ,, A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola 52.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Fifty-Two.

Still moving.

Andrei Petrovich Slomin, the editor, began the day by scolding his Tokyo correspondent Pucyn, who had recently worked in London as a fake player.
-Stop filling my issue with the articles about the success of the Osaka fishing industry exhibition. Does it make sense to praise the improvement of fishing tackle when all our salmon end up in Japanese or American nets?
But when he said that, it dawned on him that he might be trying his luck.
Pucyn confirms with a smile.- My dream has come true. I always wanted to appear on the front page as a model.-

Ratatata receded. The closer the rattling sounded, the more strikingly it resembled the night machine gun fire on the Sierra Guadarrama.

Solomin sends several letters in carriers to be delivered to the police station. One of them says: – Optimists are excited, pessimists are turning one of the dreaded nightmares into reality. We are not alone in space. From the pictures taken by astronaut Peters, it is clear that the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa is covered with a thick layer of ice. Below it is liquid water. Is there really life? Does Namor rule there?
The night fell suddenly. Pampa is silent. The small town stretches happily in the moist air. The sharp headlights of a slow-moving car slide down a large, flashy banner: NO ROAD LEADS TO ROME.-

They all led to You.


Karta Crowleyho Tarou na publikaci čtení s doprovodem virtuálních hudebních nástrojů je…

,,Královna Mečů“

Crowley - kralovna mecu

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