Čtení pro Tebe , které mi právě zachránilo život.

Fotografie od Cu00e1tia Matos na Pexels.com
Čekám na zákrok v Nemocnici, bolestí jsem dnes nemohl chodit a toto čtení a nahrávání najednou ,s virtuálním pianem na telefonu Šáomi, mi dalo zapomenout.


Kapitán,Martin,Albatros,Vypravěč, polévka ze žraločích ploutví.


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Forty-Eight.


An early plane landed on the roof of the Captain’s cabin. At least that’s what it looked like at first. They were awakened by a thunderous blow, and as they ran outside they saw the shadow of their wings in the sloping morning sun.
-I’m an albatross! -the plane said grimly. Then he added- Hello .-
-Albatross means white bird.-Captain objected.
-Well just-recognized the plane. -That’s why I’m here.-

  • Are you talking?
    -Well, I’m talking. That’s why I’m here.-
  • Albatross is like a big seagull, isn’t it? „-Martin asked the Captain.
    The plane was more like a large gray crow.
    Seagull is poor in our country.
  • A huge crooked knife and two pre-Flood pirate guns stalked behind his waist.
    -Put on my experience. I heard the rumble of five hundred guns in a naval battle. I can speak in ten languages. My brain works properly, exactly, like a patent lock.- said the albatross.
    -Sailor must know everything -Martin said.
    -And when you’re flying, where’s your engine? And where the rudder? Birds don’t fly without an engine and a rudder! ”The Captain said between his teeth.
    -Just sit back and see if they’re flying or not.-
    For a moment, the albatross seemed to fall asleep. Eventually he lifts his eyelids, heavy.
    The Captain nodded.
  • -There will be shark fin soup for breakfast, may I invite you?-
  • Are there sharks here?
    -Now little-said Captain-I really like this soup.-

  • Wealth is nonsense in itself. Or stardust?
    Now he was suddenly enjoying the soups to the full. And he liked it.

  • After breakfast, the Captain sat down on the porch with a smoldering bullet. By noon yesterday, every string of his being was tense, everything in it working in the winter, endlessly calculating what might happen.
    The albatross stared into space like an angler.
    -I completely forgot what I really wanted! ”Said the albatross.
    The Captain waved.
    The albatross looked like a chill ran down his spine. He had never eaten shark fin soup before. He went crazy.
    -You took my luck – all my luck.- He pulled out a pirate gun, put it to sleep and pulled the trigger.
    Suddenly he is out of reach of everything alive.

  • -If I remember that I couldn’t read most of my lousy life, I would cry, cry over the wasted time.-sighed the old helmsman who was there with them.
    Sometimes the radio waves point it completely differently than they should.
    Without them, the monsters would come out of their lairs and devour the whole world!

End of Chapter 48.

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