Čtení pro Tebe: A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou . Kapitola osmá v osm večer…

Kapitola osmá. A nakonec nic.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Chapter eight.

In the end, nothing.

The professor slowly pushes the cigarette away from his mouth, trying not to drop the ashes.

-Good. Concentrate, let your thoughts flow, and give me an example, some story, some of your hallucinations, as accurately and completely as possible. And I used them delicately and tactfully so as not to cause her pain.-

The thin man, with glasses like Harold Lloyd, spoke in an intrusive voice. – She allowed me the utmost intimacy. And I used them delicately and tactfully so as not to cause her pain.-

The memory comes to life, evoked by words. The Moorish towers disappeared in layers of saliva and mist.

Rough concrete walls, strong gusts of wind, a vortex of dust rising, a faint grunt of the ship’s siren. A look that burns through clothes. Illuminated by luminescent lamps, she shakes her breasts, which are covered only by a light blouse. She pulls down his underwear in a quick motion.
-Dear, I have you in my hand, understand me .-
Eating with her wild cat femininity, her bust shakes again. Nazim lifts the veil and sees the face of an Arab woman. Amazing. He will seize it. When they are satisfied, there is silence. They are both silent.

Nazim looks at his nature. There are traces of hooves on it.

Excitedly and wide-eyed, the boys watch the butt fireworks explode all around. Oh, the arabian harems!

Finally, he opens his eyes and finds out…

-No no. I ask. I ask and you say.-

The elephant on the canvas walks into a clearing covered with the skeletons of its family. Exhausted and near death, falls to the ground. The audience exhales in astonishment.

Someone will say: – Elephant Cemetery! –

                       But in the end, nothing but walks with Buroughs and the light women in my room.

End of the eighth chapter.


Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci kapitoly osm v osm večer je…

Crowley - 17 - hvezda


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