Čtení pro Tebe: Kapitola čtvrtá.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter four. Eyes like plates.

An alien whisper from an old neighbors. There is a voice in the porches: -Two million pounds looted at noon! What is the English police doing?

In a city park on a broken bench, a young man kisses his girlfriend and whispers in her ear: – Nothing. Lords are tired of old age and sleep in meetings. Lord Chancellor too!-

-Commission, control yourself! ”Said Edward Bengt. – Have you read the newspaper yet? –

Bengt handed him the Times. On page three, an article entitled ,,Kate-Kate over Tiquina“- was printed in a prominent box, and beneath it was the testimony of several Indians who saw fishing from their boats tied up from the lake reed tototra fly at night over the Kate-Kate Strait. It was a bleeding human head without a torso. It moved a few meters above the lake, making the sound of gates creaking in public and ignoring fishermen. She flew across Little Lake toward London. Kate-Kate was something of an Indian embodiment of conscience. She persecuted bad people. It sat on the roof of the homes of the people with a crooked character, made a terrible creaking sound and embarrassed them.

Edward Bengt let out a puff of smoke and said, „It’s him.“ David Hamilton.-

The commissioner’s honeyed voice suddenly turned to a sting. -I know about it. He arrived at nine o’clock and stayed at the Hilton Hotel, but under the name of the Baroness of Kent. I remember him from the past, he used to sell daggers to rich students in the toilets… – The detective smiled contentedly and hung an umbrella on his forearm so that the parrot Jim could sit comfortably on the handle. -Returned. He returned. He must have an unfinished job … – and then he thought, „There are still so many things to see through my eyes.“ – And he had to leave. Sullivan looked at him sadly: -It’s a shame I can’t go with you. We have reports of an alien helicopter constantly violating our and the Soviet border. -At that moment, the phone rang.

Mr. Marek called: -Everything’s going right, Edward. The black god Akwakvasongo lives in the deep rainforest on the banks of the Congo River, he has lived there since time immemorial, he knows the language of water and the language of grass, the language of trees, the language of tigers, the language of snakes and the language of birds. He also knows the language of the people. But he knows this the least, because people were born last, but it doesn’t matter at all, he’s still a great informant!-

  • -What happened? – Bengt said impatiently.
  • -A Havana cigar cigarette case and a plaid bagpipe skirt were found on the banks of the Congo. We can’t lose a minute! – Mr. Marek finished and hung up. Bengt looked at the commissioner. -You’ll be satisfied.-He grinned. -You’ll be happy with my job.- And he’s gone.

Bengt stopped just outside the commissioner’s door. He looked around carefully to see if he was being watched, then whistled softly. From the gloom of the stairs came a hoarse: -Be calm. I know the names of the members of the court. They will be instructed.-

The water, which no one has observed, has boiled so far.

The city lies on an elevated hill and is surrounded by tropical vegetation. It opens into a bay called Bombertoka. The river Thames flows into its black waters. The beaches are beautiful and golden and the sun, the sun burns us. A little further on, the hills begin and a high plateau of the Central Coast stretches on the horizon. Behind it is a bush and a forest, a freshly cut path, and military strongholds appear on it from time to time. The heat is getting more and more unbearable.

Meanwhile, the mad genius William Seward Burroughs sits in his garden apartment, his hair bristled typing the following words: motel motel motel loneliness sighs over that solid land like fog over the still oil waters of the tidal rivers David Hamilton is in London.

And he did a miracle! Get up and go!

Did Whitman scare the kids in London as he walked down the open street?

End of the fourth chapter.

Tužka ,L.T.


Karta na publikaci další části střihové novely v níž nic není nemožné a všechno je čistě náhodné, jakékoli podobnosti ,jména, místa je…. ,,Solve et Coagula“

Crowley - 14 - umeni

Čteno ve Studiu Midian.

Pátou kapitolu ,, Co napsala krásná dvorní dáma ?“ bude číst D.O.

Je mi skutečně ctí s Ní spolupracovat.

Zítra !

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