Každé písmeno každý tón , jen proto, že JSI.

Napsáno čteno nahráno během dnešního dne ve Studiu Midian.

Virtuální piano L.T., napsal L.T., četl L.T pro V.R., zvuk exploze a pískání parní lokomotivy : Zvukový Archiv BBC, volně ke stažení pro nekomerční účely.


Train in the sea

. For You

Lubomír Tomik

The green branches and tops of the trees bowed,

we stared in sacred amazement at the clouds.

The eye blinked, the rays brightened, and the light flew inward, he got on and the train of madness roared, steam from all the chimneys obscured the sky

We ran into the forest, the marvelous shapes taking on their form. The time of that year ran back, the fishermen went to sea, the boat disappeared in the fog. The figures stretched from horizon to horizon, their knowledge was endless, the weight terrible and very immense.

The moon is a tightrope walker,

and She over his face tossed the shroud,

every step is a pinch in dragon’s tongue,

birds circling over window carcasses,

and the Moon, in a cloud of exploding steam boilers of a train in the sea,

that Moon drove away the dragon like a blind old man,

from the wounded windows of his house,


Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci Poet Story III…je – ,,Ďábel.“ Proč ne, že.

Crowley - 15 - dabel


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