POET OFFER :Audio ,,On the top of pinneapple „….

…for the Today Poet Video im looking some brave woman and men…

Čteno včera tady, v Kafé Uprostřed, na pavlačovém dvorku.
On top of a pineapple.

Lubomír Tomik

on top of a bed of pineapple

the sound of your voice is hidden

in the deserts, in the crowns of pine trees, at the bottom of Dragon Lakes, hearts scalped

into whose scales
the sun casts a glaring shadow,

I am miserable and naked every morning

in his attempt to conquer the mountain of mercy

yet when i fall down
into the arms of You and the Dragon's Mouth,

on top of a pineapple,
 puzzle of You,

the most beautiful puzzle.

So I'm open to ANYONE who sends to my mail lubomirtomik@seznam.cz any part of the poem, just word,verse,all poem, anything, in ANY language, loaded in their own voice, recorded by anything , PC,notebook,phone, will be used in today's Poet Video, with the name and link to their page, the deadline is 12.00 today.
If You like and be a part of this, YOU ARE WELCOME.

A lot of courage to everyone.

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