Tohle je hudba pro kterýkoli podzim.

,,Here, once again, are the facts about this music and the original source recording:
These October Rust songs are NOT a Promo Version as stated in the title. They are simply pre-master, pre-release mixes that Peter had recordings of in his collection. Obviously, different mix levels were used for various tracks, and it is a great mix to listen to that is a nice change from the album.

These tracks were recorded onto a Maxell Studio MS-60 cassette tape by Peter in his home in Brooklyn. The tape was made not for Elizabeth as stated somewhere here as a response to a question, but for me to give as a Christmas present to my dying wife. She and I were friends of Peter’s, and we thanked (and blamed) him, and the band, for our marriage. This tape (and some other rarities which shall with me to my grave), was made to try and bring a bit of peace and happiness to her sad heart in the Christmas season of 1997, as both Peter and I knew it would certainly be her last. This is the same reason he had provided me with the pre-production un-edited VHS tape (and artwork) of the material which would end up being After Dark. Those videos are available for viewing here on Youtube as well now.

The „banter“ between Peter and Elizabeth takes place in the confines of the short distance between the kitchen and the „living room“/den area as Peter tried to figure out how to dub the tape. As Andy Witmyer has pointed out here in a reply, there is a sad irony to the prophetic „Sorry“ said by Elizabeth. I stated the exact thing, word for word, elsewhere years ago, and if I recall correctly, it was in my Ebay listing for the cassette tape. I’m certainly not going to sue for plagiarism, much like the fact I didn’t sue Peter, despite his spiraling drug-fueled paranoias and conspiracies as time went on, for „It’s Never Enough“ when it was finally released on Least Worst after being cut from World Coming Down due to time limitations. I am not out to make money or to claim any fame, as I am truly to old to care anymore. I would, perhaps, like the courtesy of acknowledgement as to the fact about certain things on the tape…

Pictures Of Matchstick Men was made for Peter’s own amusement, nothing more. There was spare time paid for at the studio in Brooklyn after completing the music bed for the song, which was later mailed to L.A. for Ozzy to lay his vocal tracks on. Peter had the studio record his vocs because he liked the original song as done by the band Status Quo. As a matter of note, the cassette tape for this Youtube recording was listed on one side as „Status Quo Type O“ on one side, „Type O Diff MIx“ on the other, written by Peter. Nothing indicated a „promo version.“
Peter made several copies at the time of P.O.M.M. with his vocs, one of which was destroyed later by Elizabeth, one of which went to one of his sisters, and a couple which went to friends.

I’m pleased to see that over 20,000 (holy SHIT!) people have had the chance to enjoy these rarities and variations. It’s shocking, in a way, to look back and realize that I used to leave the original cassette in my tape player of the MR2 I had back then (that Peter would never fit in) on hot summer days after Shela died, or pass it around from friend to friend to friends of friends to listen to, sometimes not knowing who had it, for weeks at a time. Thankfully, I got this one back and tucked it away for years in safekeeping in a box of Type O memories before deciding to sell it.
Those of you who hear it now are the lucky ones.

For some of us, luck has run out, and the meaningful parts of life have run their courses.
But memories will remain for as long as the brain allows, though diminishing daily with the cells that wither………….

With sadness, and respect and love to Peter Steele.
I’m glad the music is still here.


Yes. Tyhle songy jsou stejně tak dobré jako album samo a není vhodnější období než si prodloužit October.

Prvního listopadu to ještě platí- že si to někdy poslechneme spolu, tahle verze je jen půlhodina, to by možná šlo ne ? Koukat přitom na podzimní lesy .

Nechej mi naději.

A kartu Crowleyho Tarotu na můj vzkaz, ….míchám balíček , rozvinu karty do vějíře a náhodně jednu tahám :


Crowley - 16 - vez

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