Amazing, love this.

The Lexicon

I feel as Æthelflæd, warrior queen,
                     dangers often surround me
               Lurking off in the distance/
                                  oars heaving
                   into the sea/ against the ground

the bruises on my arms heal slowly,
turn blue, purple and fade-
        green as the lone fickle frog
                    shadowed                                            stairs &                         

baiting me——->

T’wards the waning white breast
                                       of the moon
                        rejoicing in our summer
                           Harbinger of the rain
                                  so the symbols say
As do I_____
            For it has poured all day &
                                         And yet, all year
                                        This is the first
                                               I’ve seen astray

 — LM

[Authors Note: inspired by The Last Kingdom first, and true events]

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