8 komentářů: „Castle by night.

      1. Yes, I must admit, France got the most beautiful castles ! And church’s ect…
        I don’t know if you know the Mont Saint-Michel, the most beautiful place I have had the chance to visit. It was the inspiration for the castle in Harry Potter.
        In Czech, it’s seem that you had a passion for esoteric’s stuff. It’s fascinating really. It really look like a part of you culture.

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        1. Yes, my daughter was there before covid times, she had lucky , in Mont Saint-Michel, its beautiful !
          Yes , maybe its part of our culture..magic, tales,wiches…but there was big Witchhunt cases in our country..sad history…woman in the fire..this is horrible and interesting …
          Yes for third time 🙂 Your churches are…. not from this dimension..amazing !

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          1. I have read a book about a Jewish magician living in Czech during WW2, a tragic fictional story. I will write an article about it. They spoke about Aleister Crowley, magic, the real one, and the nazi believing in some really crazy magical things.
            What’s about that witch hunt ? How can I learn about it ?

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            1. Jewish things there in Czech..they have own life…magic, its strange… and with witch hunt :


              please look..its sad story about devil and people..and like everytime ..it had connections with me, my father born and grow in the city of Šumperk, center of story…so when i was child, we going on this places..Velké Losiny, Praděd, Petrovy Kameny, witches……ooooo..scaaaaarrrryyyyyy..and sad 😦

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              1. That was a gruesome reads. Is this why you are attracted to tarot cards and esoteric topic ?
                You probably know about the Salem witches trial in America. This was sad too. History is brutal.
                Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I’m learning more and more about Czech !

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  1. Maybe..i dont know…its about my accident, experience ..but ok, im still learning live with it… Salem know, you have right, history is brutal.
    And im learning about France…thanks fot that. It seem media…it is bad,
    Nice day, we must …WRITE 🙂 My friend and hi to Normandy!

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