You cannot escape The Beast, when you wear Her mark.

,,And this I learnt and this I know
You cannot escape the beast when you wear His mark “ …from the lyrics of the song.

lyrics Lain With The Wolf :

,,I have lain with the lamb
Sang his tender praise on long dark nights
Searched my drawn face long and hard
For a sign of his light
Shoulders to the wheel for the grist of faith
Is manna for the blind
Like a child of Cain without the providence of truth

Joy did come. It rose with the morning sun
Like cold guilty sweat across my brow
These are the first words that fell upon my lips

I have lain with the wolf
He seeks me out and demands my company
In the corner of a crowded room
With words of madness and water of fire

He whispers, when the demons come
Do you make peace with them or do you become one
of them? Do you?
If I give name to my furies, can you name them?
He preaches salvation in the loins of women
And the black sciences

When the shadow fell upon me
I knew I was running with the wolf
And it was his eyes I saw staring back
And this I learnt and this I know
You cannot escape the beast when you wear his mark."

"And I say to my people's masters: beware, beware of the
Thing that is coming, beware of the risen people, who shall
Take what we would not give.
Did ye think to conquer the people, or that law is stronger
Than life and than men's desire to be free?"
[―Padraig Pearse, "The Rebell"]

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