Reanimized Irish bride.

Reanimized Irish bride.

Lubomír Tomik

In my dreams I run around the cemeteries,
I stir the tissues of the bones of consciousness
in the cauldron of the Macbeth witches,
I am fine.

I creep through the foothills of the gallows
in mass graves covered with lime of time.

I mix bone skin hair and dreams
in the cauldron of Macbeth's witches

I open Venetian houses sealed with the Black Death
I pick the body teeth lips
I pull out delicious pieces among the rotten meat
black haired raven

a cauldron of Macbeth witches awaits

on the plain without end
at night
the boiler is standing and I'm gone
I cancel the Death .

When You open your eyes,
I'm going crazy.

I will hug You and press You against me
You smell, I would say, dreamily
as if you were, yesterday
 was not lying in the grave.

I'll hug You and kiss You
like I'm drowning
you 're not breathing, and me
from the breath of the grave

I'm glad I created you
when i look at YOU
it pours blood into my veins .
From the collection of poems ,, Burnt plaster in the shape of a forest woman “ / 2013 / Autorka obálky : Klára Sedláčková

I already published it in Czech on an old blog before it was canceled, in English it’s suddenly different …

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