Dreaming Irish bride.

Dreaming Irish bride.

Lubomír Tomik

I almost drown in a rush of love,
 swallow, choke,
 hear the wings of bats tearing the night to pieces

I smell rotting meat
legs bitten by rats

I dive from the wet clay at Wounded Knee,
my wounds shine in Shiloh,
 scream in blooming Březinka

I almost drown in a rush of hatred,
swear with anger
which one is capable of

My dead pupils are at an obtuse angle
mosques fall into the dust
churches fall to the dust
wedges rammed into this island of time


 Look you in the eye
 would like to hug you
 while my seams get wet

I will make Eddington's arrow out of your heart
and release him  from the Bow of Sorrow.
From the collection of poems ,, Burnt plaster in the shape of a forest woman “ / 2013 / Autorka obálky : Klára Sedláčková. https://www.instagram.com/_ks_dsgn/

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