V like.

I just found my older collection of poems … the first, sometime around 2011 and just a poem ,,V like“ . I thought I wouldn’t mention YOU in any way, it doesn’t work, it comes by itself.

V   like.

Lubomír Tomik / 1.6.2010 /

V like the murderous sand of time
V as the ripeness of a human spirit full of the moon and burns
V as a smoothing of the feelings of the destruction of the soul
V as a very special acquaintance full of disgusting sex detachment
V like capital letters on the nails of a ghostly woman's breasts full of pillows

V like  a garden bushy corpse on a fly 
V like the rumble of my tiger there inside the spider web
V like Vimanika Shastra the sky over India full of ghosts
V like softened cheese running down the folds of the body

Get ready for me
I open my mouth and swallow a thousand thousands light bulbs

and like Mohammed I will dance,
                                                         unrecognizable uninvited .

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