Žhnoucí maso Evy…servírované na dva způsoby.

Yvette Mimieux
Words : L.T , Improvised by D.O. and J.M , in DARKov, 20.4.21 …what happened at time 00:40 was … pure MAGIC
the goal was everything
hot meat of Eve
Eva's hot meat tasted good
desolate uncultivated paradise

the goal was everything
Eva's hot meat tasted good
the goal was everything
desolate uncultivated paradise...

Read and recorded my poem ,,Žhnoucí maso Evy “ for You here :
The glowing flesh of Eve.
/For You/

Lubomír Tomik

During the mouth opening ritual
you put Eve's meat in me,
the glowing flesh of Eve.

After the monster you sat down and tamed the traces remained in the snow,
you still parked inside,
Scarlet woman with eyes of time,
from the past still staring at me,
wide open,
according to the old magical tradition, I see myself in my counterpart.

I see YOU.

Alchemists walked in
Red robes
Symbol, the wind howling around the banner

Of fire
Silent ,the words of the order in Artemis
Odysseus in Antarctica
Pour bees fly by the ferry before the flood
Hell ports
Isis of the Wheel

the goal was Everything,
tasted good,
hot meat of Eve. 
…behind the church in Orlová

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