Pasení černých sfing

Pasení černých sfing . Read and recorded for You, my Everything ,18.4.21 in Orlová
Read right here…at the grave…by the church Náhrobek Richarda sv. p. z Mattencloitu, Orlová (

Grazing black sphinxes.

Lubomír Tomik

It was light,
the shepherd was restless,
he dreamed of you all night,
rotten canned dreams suddenly came to life with new colors,
come alive with the world, with worldly light,
mysterious weddings spinning like crazy unstoppable carousels,

ebony sphinxes circled the lamb,
soothed him
soothed with their demonic bubbling voices,
before they tore him to pieces,
they were fighting over which one to roar from the roaring lamb
a larger piece of meat,
just like You tore me apart
blood tests,

red blood running down the polished ebony,
You're beautiful. 
Kostel Narození Panny Marie (Orlová) – Wikipedie (

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