Season of predators

Season of predators

Lubomír Tomik and Aleš Vencel

They set off, red eyes squinting into the night,
when they had lurked at the bottom of a ditch, driven into the muddy tracks of dead crustaceans,

they ended up in the arms of a girl hungry for the rustling of money,
ended up tuning radio Luxembourg ,,
twisting of the nipple buttons with salivated fingers,

they ended up in the hand of a whore who was breaking brick
brain, lightning couple,

they ended up in the algae of deep waters,
beautiful lakes,

they ended up faded washed, bells in New Orleans
  say softly and quietly: Noon. ,
blue jeans read the flash of a piece of white ass ,,
they ended up dusting the path along the way
a silk kiss,

they ended up dancing fans
in Lucretia, the whistling of helicopter rotors
over the jungle monotonous wild roses
full of moisture,
ended up dissected in the hyena of the abdomen,
red tablecloths, burqas crying softly,

they ended up without legs for a while, driving cars
across dusk, they lost everything, hulls, dreams
and crying and feeling,

they ended up pounding the hammers of a rock stove with the winking Frank Sinatra
punched in the eyebrows

they ended up in mushrooms in Alice's hats,
covered disgrace of holidays until dawn spits out and
it fades away, the pain is absorbed,
end up stuck on the hooks of freezing fishing boats,
six hundred minutes from inside the earth to hell with it all,
stay home and look in the mirror, red blood cell catching
by air molecules,

they ended up knocked down by a fantasy train, meat collected by drunk trainers for a bottle of rum,
baked in remosce together with pieces of run over cats,

they ended up being sucked out by the rough moon, the fever drove out the thermometer
to the explosion of mercury, ended up asleep, lifting skirts in
of raided carriages in empty hollows of lichens, overeating
the honey of your mouth the tooth enamel of an absolute darling,

they ended up in the art of listening to the sun, the wings of the wings, the kings of this land,
a tear on your face,

they ended up flying on cannonballs, engulfed by monsters in storms, monsters themselves,
maturing in the depths of the neglect of neglected data, harnessed to the reins of dreams,

they ended up in the shade of the intervention, all that was left of the queen was smoke, a pistol against his forehead
pistol against forehead,

 light year before the bullet shatters the skull

beautiful, in the rain, in the rain, hair punished by strands of tenderness,
beautiful, arched eyes in the sky,
breasts, lips, ass

tide too fragrant,
hurricane whispers come on come on
sounds like a whistling color of wild roses
we are all dead, dead, dead
the season of predators is over.

Beautiful, you are.


Tým, který nevyhrál.

Najednou jsem v týmu, který nevyhrál, jen jsme přežili. Člověka to změní, když najednou…operace,transplantace,invalidní vozík,jizvy,báječná kamarádka bolest…mohl to být kdokoli a jsme to my, tři lidé, kteří vidí život z jiné perspektivy než Vy, zajímavý úhel pohledu.
Změní hodně věcí.

First day.

První den nového života…okamžitě se přehnala vlna náhod, synchronicit, naše číslo,události, zprávy, cesta do Polska,potvrzení toho všeho , kdo by si pomyslel a vše přichází samo,Tarot, Císařovna,Velekněz,Uskutečnění,Blázen

The first day of new life… immediately a wave of coincidences, synchronicities, our number, events, news, a trip to Poland, confirmation of everything, who would think and everything comes on its own, Tarot,Crowley, Empress, High Priest, Realization,Fool

Pasení černých sfing

Pasení černých sfing . Read and recorded for You, my Everything ,18.4.21 in Orlová
Read right here…at the grave…by the church Náhrobek Richarda sv. p. z Mattencloitu, Orlová (

Grazing black sphinxes.

Lubomír Tomik

It was light,
the shepherd was restless,
he dreamed of you all night,
rotten canned dreams suddenly came to life with new colors,
come alive with the world, with worldly light,
mysterious weddings spinning like crazy unstoppable carousels,

ebony sphinxes circled the lamb,
soothed him
soothed with their demonic bubbling voices,
before they tore him to pieces,
they were fighting over which one to roar from the roaring lamb
a larger piece of meat,
just like You tore me apart
blood tests,

red blood running down the polished ebony,
You're beautiful. 
Kostel Narození Panny Marie (Orlová) – Wikipedie (

Skull top.

Skull top.

Lubomír Tomik

The woman was standing in front of the top of skull,
rising in the fading outgoing sun,
legs were just an idea,

looking up eagerly,
 withdrew the rusting loincloth with her hand,
went to work

in the distance was the sound of sheep in the valley,
 escaped someone with pursed lips,
faint moaning
                                                          of pleasure. 

I want You.
Vrcholek lebky.

Lubomír Tomik

Žena stála před vrcholkem lebky,
v slábnoucím odcházejícím slunci stoupala nahoru, 
nohy byly už jen myšlenkou,

nedočkavá vzhlédla ,
stáhla rukou rezavějící bederní roušku ,
se dala do práce,

z dálky se údolím rozléhal bekot ovcí,
nablízku ,
někomu unikl  rozpraskanými rty zvuk,
slabé sténání

Chci Tě.

Put him in a shallow grave.

Read and recorded For You once in Studio Shaark i read poem from the ,,Dinner at Minski´s“ /2016/

Put him in a shallow grave.

Lubomír Tomik

put him down
  to a shallow grave

dusty dogs feel easy prey
put him down
  to a shallow grave

under the sky swept by the painter's brush into red
put ME down

to a shallow grave