2 komentáře: „And..yesterday.., poetry session, part one…

  1. Thanks…it was unbeliavable…., when yesterday reading over…my jaws drop on…wow…it is dangerous article..i dont want to f..k up, recordet pure gold….. it want take some time..maybe video..i dont know..like i say , yesterday…Its an atomic bomb… milllion times stronger than Litlle boy….. .and yes, it was battlefield of two girls….when they say each other aloud in czech – Tasted? Hot meat of Eve ?- it was… ,,Come as You are .“
    Jaskiers, maybe you understand me, this is it…why we writing and everything….once in a while you reap sweet fruit instead of bitterness and it’s unforgettable and … maybe you know, my friend.

    To se mi líbí

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