7 komentářů: „Hi to Normandy, You know!

    1. Hi, how are you, everything ok? do you read, do you listen music do you write, do you rest, do you gain strength?
      Thanks for all the „likes“ I’m glad you like them, really, yesterday, as we accidentaly going to at Dinopark Ostrava, I saw those gigantic brontosaurus heads … against the gray sky … I thought … what would you probably thought 🙂
      Stay healthy , strong and creative in Normandy !

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      1. Thanks you Poet ! Well, life is a little bit strange lately, good from one side, and bad from the other. Close member of my family isn’t doing well at all…
        I’m reading and writing a lot lately. I’m currently writing a short novel in English, it’s a challenge !
        I’m writing an article on my nights of insomnia, I think I will publish it this week.
        Almost finishing reading some Varlam Chamalov.
        I thought you landed in Jurassic Park for a moment ! Pretty cool !
        I see that you’re working hard and traveling a bit ! Hope you are doing well ! Keep up the great work and the creativity !

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        1. Hi, wish to member of family everything best….

          I’m keeping my fingers crossed while working on the novel … it’s something completely different, to have the fates of the characters in head … to live those people, their stories … I really wish you to enjoy it … don’t forget it, a little moment … to say to you…-… Damn it’s amazing, it is real!- … You are writer? So write!!!!! Stay healthy, strong,sleeping, dreaming….and creative, hi Jaskiers.
          PS: And Jurrasic Park…coincidence..like usually…we dont know that Dinopark is open,just riding around in car……it was too long closing, for the Covid…and im almost 200 km from from home…and im going with girl to the Dinopark…yes.

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          1. Thanks for your support Poet, glad to know you’re here somehow.
            I don’t give myself to much pressure for my short novel, I already know it will not be as good as it could be but I have to practice. And I really want to write in English so more people can read my work.
            You absolutely right, you live with them. Alongside them. It’s a weird feelings isn’t it ?!
            You are with a girl ! Don Juan ! A real poet ! The article of your visit are awesome.
            Stay safe and creative too !
            I found something on the street. VERY PARTICULAR ! I’m posting an article about it !

            To se mi líbí

            1. Im very curious whats is it , whats you found on the streeeT:)….and NO PRESSURE on novel….write with joy..with ease, how do you feel..just so … reach into the clouds of the mind and somewhere there is the story … words … like atmosphere around the Earth …. words around the brain … and you pull some to yourself …good luck !

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  1. Greetings … I’m working on incredible things right now … I wrote something and there are two more girls in it … today we read and recorded … it’s unbelievable … maybe you inspired me with Cobain yesterday thanks…i almost forgett on him…… Why is that Unplugged concert so amazing ….? Because it’s spontaneous …..it is a key to all … it was like standing under the stage and watching and listening to Kurt … goodnight to Normandy….this is REAL ! This article…it will be an atomic bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To se mi líbí

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