Celkem o nic nešlo. It was nothing at all.

THE tower in Uherské Hradiště Uherské Hradiště – Wikipedie (wikipedia.org)
Read and Recorded once in Studio Shaark For You , my love.
It was nothing at all.

Lubomír Tomik

The boys crept into the back alley and then the gate inside,
crawled through a small window high above the stairs,
passed through the ground with centuries-old beams covered with dust
climbed the wooden ladders
covered with tons of dung droppings
the inscriptions scratched into the plaster passed
sometime in the early twentieth century,

when they got up to the dome of the town hall tower,
below them the whole city of their childhood,
one of them took a dry pigeon's body and dropped it
in the middle of the busy middle street below them.

They then returned home after dark.

It was nothing at all.

/From,, Dinner at Minski" /2016/ Year when story happen was...1986./

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