Today is Lucie, December 13th. / Not, i know, in this poem, yes./

Fourth from left is my daughter, Klára. Photographed 13.12.2019.

Read and recorded once in Studio Shaark For You, my Fate.

Today is Lucie, December 13th.

Lubomír Tomik

today is the feast of Lucy and whoever rises on a chair will see his future
Today is Lucie and she balances stretching out looking out
eyebrows small cute plush pieces of each other
right hand obscuring the sun looking out for your future and
did you see me standing in that chair?
was i anyone else
someone else? 

Svátek svaté Lucie – Wikipedie (

Studio Shaark
From the ,,Dinner at Minski´s and other poems / 2016 /

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