Where is my heart? exclaimed Tikitak.

Where is my heart? exclaimed Tikitak. / For You / Read 8.4.21 at the Social House in Old DARKov Spa.

Where is my heart? exclaimed Tikitak.

Lubomir Tomik

- Where's my heart? - cried Tikitak,
some hands pushed him onto the catwalk,
Psyche sat in the front row,
and other models shook and tumbled,
hungry peeking,
but he stood
with his head down.

- Where's my heart? - cried Tikitak,
she turned the key in the ignition,
the engine rumbled,
someone always turning the key in the ignition,
Tikitak clung to the rear bumper with his fingernail,
the car was picking up speed,
he held on
it was about everything
until the gears spilled from his chest along the way, like unused returned coins,
the car disappeared into the distance.

-… -heart? -said the dying Tikitak,
outstretched hand dropped to the ground,
and his heart
lay in the back seat of the car,
with which you set out to meet the dawn,
overflowing cup of life.

Tick Tock.
Tick Tock.
 Didn't fit in.
Mr. Tikitak.

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