Smrt knih in DARKov, čtení II.

Smrt knih.
Written yesterday, read and recorded today, interesting situations when reading in front of the Social House ..., one of several versions, maybe you will like at least one of them. But you know.            / For You / Read 8.4.21 at the Social House in Old DARKov Spa.

Death of books.

Lubomír Tomik

In the case of library fires,
conquistadors in unlubricated armor,

You smell a lotus
You are

you won't burn my olfactory cells
you will not cure my sorrow
you shall not put oil in the seams of my armor

You enchanting with a lotus,
You are.

I learned to understand.

The death of books is one thing
we know very well
that the only virus
                          are WORDS

they warm
they tear meat from bones.

In the case of library fires,
conquistadors in unlubricated armor,

You smell enchantingly with a lotus, 


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