The sweetest of You. To nejsladší z Tebe.

Read and Recorded once in Studio Shaark FOR YOU.

The sweetest of You.

Lubomítr Tomik

Someone raided the patisserie!


Desserts run out and people crouch,
under glass hatches
on porcelain trays,

not eating on the plates next to it
unfinished coffee
pierced with forks,

someone raided the patisserie
is that You,

the sweetheart rolls under the oncoming car,
a little further on the ground icing from the pinwheel,
the lady was adamant,

someone raided the patisserie,
he fired five shots into the cream cake
and when  left

 whistled softly under the beard,

/ whistle   whistle /

which he didn't even have.
from ,, The dinner at Minski´s and other poems / 2016 /

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