The compass needle points North.

The compass needle points North.

/ For Jaskiers /

Lubomír Tomik

The compass needle points North, 
to a place,
to something you can't understand,
no country can hold so much horror,

compass needle points north,
to the place
to something, what sucks the faith out of everything from everyone,
 to something that does not make sense,

compass needle points North,
direction Babí Jar,

Babí jar.

Babi Yar – Wikipedia Two words …. a password in Wikipedia … but it’s not, it must not be forgotten.

The compass needle points North. Read and recorded under the bridge, under the remains of Hitler’s highway in the Czech Republic. When I wrote this, I was in Ukraine, as the crow flies about 100 km from Babí Jar.
Zástřizly, Czech republic. Remains of Hitler’s highway. This year, 2O21. As the dead fell apart in the ground, the concrete torso still stood , after all this years, a reminder of the pain.

2 komentáře: „The compass needle points North.

  1. Wow, that’s is powerful, we will not forget. May those horrors never happen again, even to we know it will… and it had…Sadly.
    I’m lost for words, if people with hate in their hearts could at least see what can happen when hate take over our humanity.
    May they Rest In Peace, and hope that they knows we didn’t forget them.
    Very powerful Poet ! Still here to see your work and poetry.

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