Send the message. / For You /

Pošli tu zprávu . /pro Tebe /

Send the message.  / For You /

Lubomír Tomik

Send the message like a black bowler , hat of the night,
 send it to the air of your imagination,
let it fly like a bullet fired into a body on the shore,

send it like a battered Victorian hat,
on the head of a guy with a white beard on the far side of the Ganges,

dark place on the other bank of the river
 all of us,

put your head against the bottom of the boat
with a slap on the forehead on a cool bamboo mat,

send the message like a hat,

you have a dead atmospheric fox around your neck
double deoxyribonucleic acid band ten atoms wide
and almost two meters long.

-Ááááá.-I stretch and say just carelessly:


Send the message. /For You / Read and recorded in

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