End of all words.

Read and recorded right here, in this shelter, in the winter, in the snow, but for You.

End of all words. Read and recorded For You , 29.1.21 on the frozen Lake of Balaton, Nový Hrozenkov. just while before I saw You with wet hair after showering.
End of all words.

Lubomír Tomik

And for all those centuries,
crowds of oysters risk hugging  mouths
 and burst in,
silky curled lips beams
and barely resistant to The Wild Hunt of the Ghost of Love.


hit me,

 squeeze my heart and
               launch a cannonade of words,


…from the forthcoming collection of poems Map of the Continent of Your Heart, for which the foreword was written by Pavla Jonsson from the band Zuby Nehty and for which Alan Moore approved the use of one of his sentences.

The one and only Alan Moore. The dreams come true.

All this , For You.

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