My dear, Severin. / For You. /

My dear, Severin. Read and recorded in Studio Shaark once, for You, My Beautiful Girl.

My dear, Severin.  / For You /

Lubomír Tomik

Big beautiful poison spitting cobra
hanging over their heads and
the tips of nine-tailed cats peek from behind a beautiful ass
Wanda von Dunajew.

She nodded to the right hand,
we creep up to Her.

Rub our palms on the ground,
 dig the fibers of carpets into the veins,
 tear off the bellies of the fingers,
sharp nails
for the final succumb.

My dear, Severin
saddle your mare,
tie an obsidian knife to her hoof.

Open my chest,
let the HEART breathe freely,

        through a flood of scarlet.

From ,, Večeře u Minského “ a další básně / 2016 /

It’s not what it looks like, I just love You every pore of my body, I’m not a masochist … It’s just a strong feeling for You that I still feel …like I’m standing on the shore and You are the ocean and every thought of You is one wave and I go into the waves, over and over and drown.

When anyone will like the poem, please leave a word in the comments, let’s try to make a poem around the world, ANY ONE WORD, thank you, brothers and sisters, we are all equal, we are all the same…just fantasy in US want out, that’s why we write, we create … because of love, because of LOVE.

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