In the picture of J.P. Na obrazu J.P. Jen pro Tebe. Only for You.

Kvůli použití zvukových efektů prosím doporučuji poslech ve sluchátkách. Due to the use of sound effects, I recommend listening in headphones. A zavřít oči, prosím, vážně…díky and close your eyes,seriously, thanks.

In the picture of J.P. Read and recorded FOR YOU in Studio Shaark , sound engineer Pavel Hlavica.
In the picture of J.P.

Lubomir Tomik

 In the image of J.P.
 maybe a woman in black leather,
 maybe She's sitting in the grass  ,whispering something to me,
 maybe She's almost as beautiful as You.

 maybe it's all i want,
 perhaps only in the image of J.P.,
 maybe it extends,
 like a drop in water

 straight from the heart
  straight from Your

hea  r                                        t
hea            r                  t
hear                    t
from ,,Dinner at Minski´s „/2016/

Her smoke. Její dým.

Read and recorded in Studio Shaark for You.
Her smoke.

Lubomír Tomik

 Under the squeak of the moon bitten by a serrating dog,
 in the haze cracks in the clouds,
 She blew Her smoke into me,

 Your smoke.

 My lungs gasified with You,
 every pore of my burnt throat
 he shouted after You,

 I always wanted it.
 I always wanted YOU.

From ,, Dinner at Minski´s / 2016/