A teď je ten pravý čas na …..Hotel for insects.

From the ,, Dinner at Minski´s “ /2016/

Read and recorded for you my truly love in Studio Shaark

Kvůli použití zvukových efektů prosím doporučuji poslech ve sluchátkách. Due to the use of sound effects, I recommend listening in headphones. A zavřít oči, prosím, vážně…díky and close your eyes,seriously, thanks.

Hotel for insects.

Lubomír Tomik

 I cut       sawdust      boards all over the ground,
 making at the hotel for insects,
 nailing nails avoided thumb injuries,
 blood splashed only kimono

 the back wall was covered with canvas
 used reeds bamboo drilled wood pie
 bag of pine cones all at the hotel for insects

 I sipped from steaming tea with honey and plum brandy,
 it's hardly spring I thought- What the hell am I attracting to a beetle?-

     Colorado beetle of the setting sun?     Meadow horse sadness ?

 I just smiled.
….and this is him, Hotel for insects from poem, right now, after five years …. the same as me …. destroyed, scrapped … still standing … like me …. and what if some bastard hit me with a car in may 2019? What if the government and the authorities took away my money, ID cards, and from tomorrow also the opportunity to be with you in february 2021? Once…. i believe. Once.

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