„Who’s there, my God, who’s there?“

Hemingway, Fitzgerald, And The Round That Went On Too LongThe Fight City
„Who’s there, my God, who’s there?“ Read and recorded for You in Studio Shaark
"Who's there, my God, who's there?"

Lubomír Tomik

 Ernest Hemingway knocked out a phone booth,
 it was only afternoon,
 guy in an old STB secret police coat
 with a leather bag and an injured spine entered a roundabout,
 the cars stopped indecisively and the drivers didn't know what to do,
 the guy in the orange overalls was walking on the railway embankment,
 for a moment he even seemed to be able to control the tracks and sleepers
 but then he looked at the track in front of him
 he stared until his eyeballs fell out
 and on the gleaming tracks they rolled toward the unknown,
head to all the tattoo ink,
 Ernest Hemingway knocked out a phone booth,
 the handset fell to the ground,
 coins spilled,
 on the other side of the line was Ema Destin
 and she cried :        

,, Who is there, O God, O God, who is there? "
Lásky Emy Destinnové - Novinky.cz

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