Just another fix. Pro Tebe, lásko. To Floor.

Just another fix. Read and recorded for You in Studio Shaark
jUst anoTHER  fix.

lubomír tomik

 sleePing powdEr
 théNarDier has his pockets full
 lobsters whine softly
 they smile eccentRically
 rhythmicAlly padded cell next to the room
 it looks unusual in her eyes
 he spent five minutes viGorously in china
 than he lived ONly the life of cats
 before there are one more of us
 he stares into his eyes
 and they removed the skin from the headless hull
 grotesque performance
 he is one of those priests
 you had to put it on.

 a guy driving in the fog across an abyss
 behind igraine scattering from the cloak
 letters of the alphabet.

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