Seléné pobídla koně. Selene spurred the horse.

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Nicolas Poussin: Selene and Endymion
Seléné pobídla koně. Nahráno ve Studiu Shaark, ve Bzenci.
Selene spurred the horse.

Lubomír Tomik

 The moon bit through the Earth
 he left a cheese hole so big in it,
  that all the locomotives of the World passed through it
 with purple roses on the front bumpers,
 they pounded with their silent silhouettes of the chimneys of Santa Fe,
 remnants of communist ,coquetters ,continents

  Europe disappearing in smoke and hissing sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks
 they are stored in their positions of mortality
 you stroke their faces
 they lie down and cover them with dust

 open me and take my beating heart in your hands
 massage him with a fist
 try to revive me

 Selene spurred the horse.
 Both Dioscuri smiled.
From collections of my poems Dinner at Minski / 2016/

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