Impozantní chřestová polévka. Impressive asparagus soup.

Impressive asparagus soup.
Nahráno ve Studio Shaark
Impressive asparagus soup.
Impressive asparagus soup.
/For You /

Lubomír Tomik

 part one.

 back to the scum in the traps of outgoing women,
 I tilt my head,
 closed eyes soak inside

 through the breathing tube they travel to my heart

 she stares at him in amazement
 he sees withered blackened bits of sorrow
 and hatred



 But it was a long time ago.

 part two.

 dreams furrowed by ghosts flying sukkub attacking breasts,
 saliva leaving the mouth ajar,
 quiet delicious dripping

 I'm heading for the harbor
 barge full of white snow

 I'm heading for the morgue

 I cross thousands of lips blackened with opium tincture

I walk through the crowd of demimondens with crooked hats

 I grab the Maguey worm in my teeth

 the real soul of every human being
 it is hidden in its own darkness
 in that unkind girlfriend of us all

 it is not advisable to look into this abyss

 you have to try:
 dreams furrowed by ghosts torn pajama by cocks,
 in which no one dreams those dreams anymore,
 furrowed by You

we swim in an impressive asparagus soup, all around,
over and over.

From      ,,Dinner at Minski " /2016/

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