I saw in Number 1.A. /For You /

Number 1.A by Jackson Pollock /1948 /
I saw in number 1.A. Read and Recorded in Studio Shaark Bzenec. For You.
I saw in Number 1A.

Lubomír Tomik

 Through a crevice in the fist in Figure 1A
 I saw:

 Cheshire Cat and outlines of whales
 the body of a shipwrecked ant lifted
 hedges of the French coast
 contours of the breast in the middle
 wolf eyes mainly two rifles for rats
 pea pods falling to the ground during autumn
 legs of an eighteen-year-old figure skater after training
 coated with gear oil
 on the upper left welcoming the citizens of the tragedy
 bamboo from the pomegranate forests
 fake geisha as in Japanese paintings
 he stands by the river and discusses the long lines of ink for a long time
 head of a laughing old man from the mountain
 legions stretching through a snowy pass
 Black Panther God
  Pope with butterfly wings
 man with mirror hair
 owls crooked
 couch on which sits a Chinese porcelain doll
 fish with an open mouth sitting staring at you
 statue of a napoleonic soldier
 one-eyed dog creeping in the grass
 two figures in animal furs pressed infinitely together
 a pile of fallen broken red heels,

 I saw through the crack in my fist
 in Number 1.A.
From the ,,Večeře u Minského a jiné básně /2016/

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