Pátrám po Veronice Lakeové. I’m looking for Veronica Lake.

On the cover of my collection of poems is Veronica Lake and this is where a poem from and about her and about You and for You, my love.

And again….

Doporučuji první poslech VE SLUCHÁTKÁCH. Ideálně přitom zavřít oči.

I recommend first listening IN HEADPHONES. Ideally close your eyes.

I’m looking for Veronica Lake. Read and recorded in Studio Shaark Sound engineer Pavel … is a magician. For the first time, I heard it out loud, as I intended the poem.

I'm looking for Veronica Lake.

Lubomir Tomik

 I will crush a thin one hundred and fifty-one inches in my arms,
 even though I don't really know Her, I'm looking for Her.

 In the back alleys full of paper bags from cheap alcohol,
 in the trunks of abandoned cars,     
 cars squirting at night,
 in incinerators full of flesh of Ethiopian tiger meat,
 in the middle of pine forests.

 The last path leads over the ridge,
 through that rattling pile of bones.

 I'm looking for Veronica Lake,
 I'm taming,
 sometimes it's better
 when it's like this.

2 komentáře: „Pátrám po Veronice Lakeové. I’m looking for Veronica Lake.

  1. Thanks Yassy … today, as I read your great poem, I thought …. What if there is on virus without borders, some crazy politicians and our own minds, what if there is only one antidote to it? Poetry! We can do vaccinations at a distance and people suddenly at least come up with other thoughts and stop being so ruthless and introverted !

    To se mi líbí

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