Investigation of heart loss. Ideální Valentýnský dárek pro Tebe.

Vyšetřování ztráty srdce. čteno a nahráno pro Tebe, 6.1.21 na hradě Malenovice.
Investigation of heart loss.

 Lubomír Tomik

 / for You, written at midnight /

 Soviet intelligence giggles,
 they have casual pirate bambitas at the waist,
 under the unbuttoned corsets,
 in the glow of the gas lamps,
 the plans are forging.

 In the room a wall, made of brick plaster,
 be cruelly sincere to me, 
I want you to hear my words, without napkins:

 You are again and again,
 the one who seduces me,
 i never loved more,
 than You.
Read and recorded right here, in the armory of the castle, with the consent of the wonderful incredible castellan…

It’s the perfect Valentine’s gift.