The News ?


 Lubomír Tomik

 -We know how it is, with feeling and such. … before Sport-
 the charming presenter smirked,
 she blurted out - -An unknown perpetrator stole
 thirty-two tons of honey.-

 I smiled.

 Followed by a live report:
 An older fisherman stood on the banks of the Morava River in Kvasice,
 the reporter asked him
 which fish live there,

 -Carp, pike, zander…-  ,

  the reporter will answer:
 -And what do you fancy?

 The guy thinks:-The duck with cabbage,
 but I won't catch it here.

 I smiled.

 Suddenly she looked serious and said:
-We're interrupting the broadcast,
 Intercontinental nuclear missiles have just hit, we're interrupting the broadcast.-

Our lives are on fire, I thought.

2 komentáře: „The News ?

  1. Thanks Yassy … You’re my role model, I see You’re putting everything into Your poems … Yourself … the first two things on TV really happened, the last one will probably never happen … let’s live!:) Rockets, virus…eh! Live and love !

    To se mi líbí

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