Americká císařská dynastie. American Imperial Dynasty.

From the upcoming collection of poems Map of the Continent of Your Heart, read and recorded on January 19, 21 in KovoSteel Staré Město,, in the exhibit of the L-610 aircraft, which was only ours, mine and Yours for an hour.
American Imperial Dynasty.

 Lubomír Tomik

 the bottom swirled with deposits of dead animal shells,
 the shells of the American imperial dynasties,
 as the latimetry sank and deeper
 in shades of vanilla,
 to the second birth

 there in the middle of the rustling of treetops,
 in the shadows of the Carpathians,
 you are gorgeous in the quiet Brittany forest
 she pulled on a silk kimono and set out

 voraciously went down the throat of all the phoenixes,
 impregnable sprinkled beauty from the sleeves,
 when after all she was ordered to attack and
 she went for coffee,

 her time
 she felt around her in the darkness
 a little red,
 a little detective library,
 which she pulled over his head.

-Don't be angry!-

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