Parallel …there is the world II.

Existuje svět II.

Lubomír Tomik

Existuje svět,
v němž
jsme jen
stíny na zdi.

There is a world II.

 Lubomír Tomik

      There is a world
    in which we are just 
shadows on the wall.


from the collection Veronica and other poems / 2016 /

2 komentáře: „Parallel …there is the world II.

  1. Thanks Yassy, I really appreciate that you like it … I just came from the recording studio, Paul Speckmann takes me with him, he works with Rogga Johanson on a new album, I was there for the fourth time, they have ten songs ready … music it’s slower, more open to everyone … great. At the same time, I’m learning how to work with voice … and sometimes next time we rent a studio with a painter, she writes haiku, she paints butterflies … read poetry wants out 🙂 Have a good time, …your poems are … … amazing.

    To se mi líbí

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