Bring me victory.

Is there anything left
Left of me to save
My life is like a carnival
My body a sunken grave
It’s what I have to do
To distance me from you
There’s a suffering inside
And my veins are showing through
A man become a child
Are you happy with your prize?
With haunted looks of fear
I step away from your side
My mind a fractured ruin
The crushing of my soul
It is time to spread my wings
To fill this empty hole
It has now begun
The forces under me
Will conquer all before
And bring me to my victory
I’ve seen that man before
Down from the fall
And now standing tall
I’ve seen this
I have been this
And now I am my own man
No more misery
Look outside and see

What are you waiting for?
Pick yourself up
Get up off the floor

Po milionté….ano, na všechno Ti říkám ANO

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