Synchronic movie and… Alan Moore

Excerpts from an interview with film-makers Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson 

Moorhead: […] You get the idea. And at lunch, I believe, Justin’s like, „I had this idea based around this idea that Alan Moore uses a lot in a lot of his stuff,“ in Watchmen , in Jerusalem and a few other things, called eternalism or „block state universe,“ where time is all happening simultaneously. There’s no distinction between the past, present, and future. And he thought, What if somebody could take a drug and see it that way? […] what if you could just take that and it lets you see time the way that Doctor Manhattan sees it?

[…] Benson: Also, from an emotional standpoint, I think the person who put it best is Alan Moore. He said, with this theory, yes, it can be very scary to think that you’re not experiencing time as it actually is, that’s unsettling. But isn’t it nice, isn’t it beautiful that anyone you’ve ever known who’s passed away, anyone you’ve ever loved, any structure you have ever left, anything, it’s not gone? It’s not behind you. It’s just elsewhere. That’s all. Hidden from your perception, but it’s not gone.