Totem spreading.

Totem spreading.

Lubomír Tomik

Thighs studied alternately Samaritan
sensitively as well,
hidden seductive siren
sinusely tearily
she cramped the glass sarcasm awkwardly,
stigma pointing to the spleen,
spontaneous sexy sophisticated spectacular status,
velvet stigma,
sabbath sabotage safari
saga sakur,
sacred salamander saloons,
the stigma of samovars,
samsara samurai sanatorium remediation,
sandwich sandbox satellite sandals,
stigma of detergents,
sardine sarcophagus locusts,
sari sarinnnnnnnn,
saxophones of scriptwriting scenic skeletons,
scopolamine Scylla,
self-pity, self-destruction, self-control,
self-reflection, self-awareness, sedatives,
seven-pound sedimenting seven seismograms,
sect sequentially wiping redwoods Seléné,
semaphore seminars suede,
dreams of Semitic senators,
the sentor separated

The stigma of seraphim,
seal you quietly with a grouse body,
dancing, mysterious.


Serious serotonin saluted the servile waitress,
list of seasonal spheres, sphinxes,
identical forgiving show scheme,
schizophrenic siberia,
Sybil signaling silicone,
New Year’s Eve silhouette
sinale simulating cyanobacteria,
sine siren syrup,
Sir Sipahist Sisyfos situated
sinus sitar,
the spacesuit removed the scalar with a scalpel,
scandalous open-air museums shredded scarcophagi,
scouts skateboards,
the scanner skeleton skeptically sketched the sfif,
the sclerotic staple creaked scrum,
the scooter weakened weakly,
the beautiful elephant smashed the slogan: – Briefs laughed emerald-,
standardly sintered with smileys,
smartphone solstice emery smog
snow death was snobby,
slipped by the misfortune of socialization
sophisticatedly sodomized software,
solar soldierska solidly
falconry solo solo,
sombrero, sonnet, somnambulism,
sonic sonar,
Sofia turned the court,
private contemporary sound

Spartan sleep,
she is shaking the body with the gushing body,
melting, drawn.


Specific spectacle,
spectacular speculative,
speleologist spectrum of spinal spiral,
a sporadic spiritist connected a frightened pantry with a spitfire,
the team launched a smug stabilized symbol,
the stalagmite stalked the stalagmite by default,
syndicate syndrome synchronously synthesized raw
systematic ground squirrels,
download the tinfoil of the ancient rich statist,
starting star staphylococci
the system intern stood statically steak,
state status:
Tripod stele wall stella,
stegosaurus stepping with the same litter,
stereofect of the stereotype of stereoprojections,
sterile syrup,
steward compressed by the main stimulus,
storytelling strategically side the stratosphere,
striga strictly strobe striptease,
the structure of strychnine scaled structurally,
the student stupas sublimated in style
submissive subreta subtropically subtle,
substrate of the sultan’s sudoku
subfossil suggestive,
suffragette Sukuba,
sulfur sulfite sulfuryl,
supergalaxy surreal surfing
swinging sushi suspension,
entrusted swap,

Symbolic symphony,
tempering you with desire,
transcendent, secret,

Without the boundaries of reality.


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