The Quest lyrics, Hell.

 The Quest

Searching for something - I look to the open door
I feel a raw anticipation I have never known before
Strange sensations shake my senses to the core
My head is reeling, but my body craves for more

If you truly believe in what you do
Your dreams one day will come true
If you truly believe in what you do
One day your dreams will come true

Braving the unknown I walk through the open door
Could this be my reincarnation? I have felt this thrill before
The revelations of rebirth fill me with the greatest awe
My addiction to adrenaline screams for ever more



Lubomír Tomik

Kladivem rozlítila šťavnatý hrozen,
ale pak ho polaskala,
převalila v ústech,

i když se budeš brzy budit vedle někoho jiného,
budeš sdílet jiný sen,
plout vzdáleným zálivem,

hrozen, hrozen,
tvar v rozpáleném asfaltu cesty,
asfaltu cesty , asfaltu rozlícené nevěsty,

kráso, Ty.


Lubomír Tomik

She smashed the juicy grape with a hammer,
but then she caressed him,
rolled over in her mouth,

even if you wake up next to someone soon,
you will share another dream
sail a distant bay,

grape, grape,
shape in the hot asphalt of the road,
asphalt road, asphalt angry bride,
beautiful, You.